Workshop on Photography

Mastering Casual Photography Workshop was conducted on 24th & 25th July 2017 at Arena Geeta Bhawan Indore Campus. Workshop was taken by Eminent Product Photographer Shri Ravi Chauhan. He gave basic understanding of a camera, talked about difference between Mobile Cameras, Compact Cameras and DSLRs, gave understanding basic features of camera, interacted about understanding Photography with Light & Composition techniques as well as Clicking Techniques.
All students participated will have to submit their entries for AdMad Show Junoon 2017 Category- Photography. Best three chosen by Expert will be Awarded. Momento was presented to the Professional & brief about upcoming Workshops were also communicated.

Giving below few Student/Centre activity links for your usage:-

20401125_10155855453375579_868462645_nPhotography Workshop-



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