Creative Minds 2018 work submission

Recently Shri. Zakir Sothia & Shri.Amar Trivedi from Mumbai visited #arenagbs & evaluated Student entries for the Contest Creative Minds. Over 8 categories including Cover Design/Asset Modelling/Web Page/Product Packshot/Character Animation Seq, Roto, Compositing etc. were evaluated. Over 60 students are participating in Creative Minds 2018

Session by Arena Geeta Bhawan Alumni working in Dubai

Arena Geeta Bhawan Indore Alumni Abhishek Chouhan working with Dubai based company Luminous took an insightful session for our students on his inspiring Journey from #arenagbs to Gulf. He was selected from a campus interview and today his company is looking to hire additional skilled person for Dubai.

Link to few Snaps :


Arena Geeta Bhawan has forged 65+ tie up with Media & Entertainment Industry in Indore for Internship

Horizon Institute of Design, popularly known as Arena Geeta Bhawan, Indore has been actively doing Industry interface for the student welfare. For Work Integrated Bachelors Degree Program in Graphics & Multimedia by TISS-SVE , students are doing internships with top Media & Entertainment Companies of Indore. Following are some sample Letters from local Industry, which is termed as Skill Knowledge Provider (SKP)  –
There are several success stories amongst students who do compulsory internship in Industry. Some of the companies absorb these talented students and sponsor further for their courses..
SKPs Sandwitch-L



For designers and other visual creatives working in the digital realm, change is constant, and being prepared for what’s coming next is a must. While the tools we use evolve ever more rapidly, so do tastes and the needs of clients. We asked some experts and creatives in a variety of disciplines to think about the coming year and tell us what trends they are planning for, expecting, and excited to see emerge.

digital graphic trends


UX has long been a discipline that overlaps with and extends into many others—and in 2018, UX specialist  says the role of UX designers is about to expand again: “Being a UX designer in 2018 will be less about ‘doing all of the stuff yourself’ and more about ‘connecting people together.’ This will put the focus on collaboration, fast prototyping, and automation in some steps of the UX process that previously were manual, such as the design handoff.”


New Creative Reality.jpg
Unsettled moments always leave their mark on the art world, and today’s environment will affect tastes and trends in editorial illustration, stock imagery, and beyond, says Brenda Milis, Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends at Adobe: “We’re living in a time when there’s so much uncertainty, so much is in flux. Many people are becoming politically active, but there’s also a type of creativity that envisions escape.”
There’s a reverence for the natural world, but with an intensity, an almost psychedelic twist. These artists are asking us to consider what is beautiful, and what is alive.”
After a difficult year, people will be turning to creative work for positivity and encouragement: “Those themes aren’t going anywhere,”  “But in light of everything, empty fluff isn’t going to cut it. Optimism falls flat if it’s broad to the point of complicity. Designers and especially lettering artists who work in quotes and aphorisms need to make sure their words are filled not just with honesty, but also with truth. Also, stop using handwriting fonts. Cheers to 2018!”