Sculpting Workshop @ HID Campus during July 2017

20431240_1727969383915131_3307296638840848315_nSculpting Workshop was conducted on 27 & 28th July 2017 by HID Faculty Member Vaibhav Singodia & Rahul Gangrade. Over 60 Students Participated in the activity enthusiastically and lot of them came out with their own sculpts.

Sculpting Workshop-

Team Building W/s Bucket the Ball

Recently on 26th July 2017 Soft Skill Trainer Mr.Manoj Nagpal conducted an effective activity for students. Over 75 students patrticipated in Bucket the Ball activity conducted at Arena Geeta Bhawan (HID) Campus.
Link to more snaps of Team Building Workshop  –

Workshop on Photography

Mastering Casual Photography Workshop was conducted on 24th & 25th July 2017 at Arena Geeta Bhawan Indore Campus. Workshop was taken by Eminent Product Photographer Shri Ravi Chauhan. He gave basic understanding of a camera, talked about difference between Mobile Cameras, Compact Cameras and DSLRs, gave understanding basic features of camera, interacted about understanding Photography with Light & Composition techniques as well as Clicking Techniques.
All students participated will have to submit their entries for AdMad Show Junoon 2017 Category- Photography. Best three chosen by Expert will be Awarded. Momento was presented to the Professional & brief about upcoming Workshops were also communicated.

Giving below few Student/Centre activity links for your usage:-

20401125_10155855453375579_868462645_nPhotography Workshop-


Credits of Arena Geeta Bhawan Alumni in Dunkirk


Post from Bhumika Thakuria (Final Year Student of Arena Geeta bhawan, who got selected at Dneg few months back ) :
Finally the hardwork paid off.. My first achievement in the hollywood movies as a VFX Crew Member in a great and very famous Director Christopher Nolan’s latest movie “DUNKIRK” @DoubleNegative
Proud to be a VFX Artist.. 😊😄
watch out-
PS- There are over 15 #arenagbs students working at Double Negative Mumbai. Lot of them have their credits on this and many more such block busters..

At Arena Geeta bhawan we are proud to see your Credits.