Vfx Prime of Arena Geeta Bhawan : Sure way to Success

To know more Call us on : 9826494824, 9644824824 or visit

Horizon Institute of Design
Arena Geeta Bhawan Centre Since 1997 (Our Management has no other branch)
TISS-SVE Hub Partner Media & Entertainment,
National Skill Development Centre(NSDC) Partner for MESC
202,204,401A&B, Apollo Trade Centre, 2-B,Rajgarh Kothi, A.B.Road, Geeta Bhawan Square, INDORE(MP) 
Tel: 0731-2494824, 4064824, 2497054 
Chief Advisor Rahul Jain: 9826494824
Counsellor Riddhima Sukhyani : 9644824824
Placement Coordinator Tanvi Mundley : 9755554824
Academic Head- Rajkumar Patidar-9893451134
Centre Head-Sanjay Khimesara-9826394824

Animation- https://www.arena-multimedia.com/in/en/courses/animation

Visual Effects- https://www.arena-multimedia.com/in/en/courses/vfx  

Web & Graphics- https://www.arena-multimedia.com/in/en/courses/web-and-graphics

Multimedia- https://www.arena-multimedia.com/in/en/courses/multimedia

Short Term- https://www.arena-multimedia.com/in/en/courses/short-term-courses
TISS-SVE Degree- https://www.sve.tiss.edu/index.php?p=courses-bvoc

To know more about some of our placements, visit our blog www.arenagbs.wordpress.com  or check out our websites.
Specific link for Placements- https://arenagbs.wordpress.com/2019/05/06/top-few-placements-of-geeta-bhawan-indore-students-with-links/

Specific Link for 250+ Alumni Credits in Hollywood/Bollywood Films- https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/arenagbs.wordpress.com/1654


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