Our talented Graduates are part of Vfx Crew that has scooped the ‘Best Visual Effects’ Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards.

2021 was an excellent year for visual effects and CGI. Dune shone through this year’s Academy Awards with six Oscars to their credit including Best Visual Effects. Disney’s Encanto was victorious in the Best Animated Feature category besting some of the most noteworthy nominations this season. This year we witnessed an eclectic collection of VFX and CGI heavy films that thrived during this awards season, proving yet again that good work in animation and VFX can give global recognition to the artists and technicians.
Arena Geeta Bhawan Indore congratulates all the winners for this exemplary achievement and grand success.
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Sensational Dune team has been honored with the ‘Best Visual Effects’ Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards! ✨

We’re super proud to note that 7 graduates from Arena Animation Geeta Bhawan Square, Indore were involved in Vfx team for the Film and this is seventh time over 20 Students have been part of Academy Award Winning Films working with Top Production Studios across the globe. Huge congratulations to all such brilliant alumni who poured their hearts into crafting these visual feast.

Dune : 2022 Oscar Winner for Best Vfx -Credits of Arena Geeta Bhawan Alumni
Credit List on –
Bhumika Thakuriya,Amit Kumar Dwivedi, Anoop Tiwari,Prateek Sharma, Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore, Gaurav Jayant, Devesh Neema
Credits in Previous Oscar Awarded Films- Arena Animation, Geeta Bhawan Graduates 
Blade Runner 2049– Dheeraj Bhadani, Jitendra Soni ,Arjun Yadav
First Man-Priyank Singh Chouhan, Dheeraj Bhadani, Deepak Rai
1917– Priyanshu Jadon, Deepak Rai, Arjit Parsai
Golden Compass-Sagar Zade
Life of Pi-Sagar Zade, Satyendra chaturvedi, Arpit Soni
Dunkirk– Dheeraj Bhadani, Anoop Tiwari, Sandeep Chaudhary & Priyank Singh Chauhan
We also have alumni Credits in Four National Award Winning Films
RaOne– Devesh Neema, Prateek Sharma, Sachin Patidar,
Vivek Soni, Sandeep Chaudhary
Delhi Safari-Dheeraj Bhadani
Bahubali-The Beginning– Sagar Zade
Bahubali-The Conclusion– Sanju Dev

Kudos & Congratulations to all graduates & their Studios !

Filmography links of few graduates:
Dune : 2022 Oscar Winner for Best Vfx -Credits of Arena Geeta Bhawan Alumni
Credit List on –
Bhumika Thakuriya
Amit Kumar Dwivedi    
Anoop Tiwari :
Devesh Neema     
Prateek Sharma     
Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore-

Credits in Previous Oscar Awarded Films-   Arena Animation, Geeta Bhawan Alumni  

Blade Runner 2049
Dheeraj Bhadani
Jitendra Soni 
Arjun Yadav 
First Man
Priyank Singh Chouhan
Dheeraj Bhadani
Deepak Rai
Priyanshu Jadon
Deepak Rai
Arjit Parsai –
Golden Compass 
Sagar Zade 
Life of Pi
Sagar Zade 
Satyendra chaturvedi   
Arpit Soni 
Dheeraj Bhadani  2018  
Anoop Tiwari 2018  
Sandeep Chaudhary  2018  
Priyank Singh Chauhan  2018
Alumni Credits in National Award Winning Films
Devesh Neema     
Prateek Sharma     
Sachin Patidar     
Vivek Soni    
Sandeep Chaudhary   
Delhi Safari
Dheeraj Bhadani  
Bahubali-The Beginning
Sagar Zade   
Bahubali-The Conclusion
Sanju Dev – End Credit List (NY Vfxwaala)