AVGC-XR Madhya Pradesh taking Shape

Few Studios & Schools of Indore met on 26th Feb 2021 for the discussion towards formation of AVGC-MP (Animation-Vfx-Gaming-Comic).
Ashish Kulkarni, Chairman of the Animation, VFX, Gaming & Comics AVGC forum at FICCI announced during the meeting that One big Vfx facility is coming at IT Park of Electronic Complex, Indore.
Special thanks to all the Studio owners & all the Schools, who came for the meeting in a very short notice

Gaming grew by 700% during lockdown– Ashish Kulkarni, FICCI Chairman AVGC
To make Madhya Pradesh hub for AVGC-XR (Animation-VFX-Gaming-Comic-AR/VR), all the stakeholders of Indore organised another meeting on 17th March 2021 to shape Section 8 Company for AVGC-MP , which has already been registered. Thanks to the initiative by Mentor Ashish Kulkarni for his passion & zeal in deliberating with regulators, government & helping us join hands to take the next big leap. He shared details of proposals made to Central Government & about his dream project.

16 Super Achievers-Arena Geeta bhawan,Indore Alumni in the Crew of Oscar & National Award Winning Films

Proud of Arena Animation, Geeta bhawan Square, Indore alumni Deepak Rai for his Credits in Two Oscar Awarded films : First Man(Best Vfx 2019) & 1917(Best Vfx 2020)

IMDB Deepak Rai: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm12377861/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Thanks to top Production Houses for hiring our students & providing them opportunity to work on top Film/TV Shows.

City is Proud of producing these Sixteen Super Achievers as Arena Geeta Bhawan Indore alumni, who have been part of Oscar & National Awarded films with due Credits in their IMDB filmography.

Few Academy Award Winning Films having our alumni credits:
1. Golden Compass(2008 for Vfx)
2. Life of Pi(2013 for Vfx)
3. Dunkirk(2018 for Editing)
4. Blade Runner 2049(2018 for Vfx)
5. First Man (2019 for Vfx)
6. 1917 (2020 Vfx)

Last year Oscar Nominated films like Avengers:End Game, The Lion King etc also had contribution from #arenagbs alumni.

List of Arena Gbs Star Alumni who contributed in these films-

List of 11 #Arenagbs Alumni with 16 Oscar Credits..
1. Dheeraj Bhadani (First Man, Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk)
2. Sagar Zade (Golden Compass, Life of Pi)
3. Arpit Soni (Life of Pi)
4. Jitendra Soni (Blade Runner 2049)
5. Priyank Singh Chauhan (First Man, Dunkirk)
6. Priyanshu Singh Thakur (1917)
7. Tiwary Anoop (Dunkirk)
8. Arjit Parsai(1917)
9. Satyendra Chaturvedi (Life of Pi)
10. Sandeep Choudhary (Dunkirk)
11.Deepak Rai ( First Man & 2017)

List of Seven Arena Geeta Bhawan Indore alumni having credits in Four National Film Awards :-
1. Devesh Neema(Ra.One)-59th National Film Award
2.Prateek Sharma(Ra.One)-59th National Film Award
3.Sachin Patidar(Ra.One)-59th National Film Award
4.Vivek Soni(Ra.One)-59th National Film Award
5.Dheeraj Bhadani( Delhi Safari)–60th National Film Award
6.Sagar Zade ( Bahubali-1)-63rd National Film Award
7. Sanju Dev (Bahubali-2)-65th National Film Award
(Total 18 but two alumni have Credits in both Oscars & National Awards, so count becomes 16)

Thanks to their Studios for giving such lifetime opportunities to such Creative talent. We wish the best to all our alumni who contributions have been nominated for Top Honors like VES, BAFTA, Oscars for 2021.