For designers and other visual creatives working in the digital realm, change is constant, and being prepared for what’s coming next is a must. While the tools we use evolve ever more rapidly, so do tastes and the needs of clients. We asked some experts and creatives in a variety of disciplines to think about the coming year and tell us what trends they are planning for, expecting, and excited to see emerge.

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UX has long been a discipline that overlaps with and extends into many others—and in 2018, UX specialist  says the role of UX designers is about to expand again: “Being a UX designer in 2018 will be less about ‘doing all of the stuff yourself’ and more about ‘connecting people together.’ This will put the focus on collaboration, fast prototyping, and automation in some steps of the UX process that previously were manual, such as the design handoff.”


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Unsettled moments always leave their mark on the art world, and today’s environment will affect tastes and trends in editorial illustration, stock imagery, and beyond, says Brenda Milis, Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends at Adobe: “We’re living in a time when there’s so much uncertainty, so much is in flux. Many people are becoming politically active, but there’s also a type of creativity that envisions escape.”
There’s a reverence for the natural world, but with an intensity, an almost psychedelic twist. These artists are asking us to consider what is beautiful, and what is alive.”
After a difficult year, people will be turning to creative work for positivity and encouragement: “Those themes aren’t going anywhere,”  “But in light of everything, empty fluff isn’t going to cut it. Optimism falls flat if it’s broad to the point of complicity. Designers and especially lettering artists who work in quotes and aphorisms need to make sure their words are filled not just with honesty, but also with truth. Also, stop using handwriting fonts. Cheers to 2018!”

How to restore your WhatsApp account in case you lose your phone or its gets stolen


How to restore your WhatsApp account in case you lose your phone or its gets stolen

Losing a smartphone in today’s day and age is nothing less than a nightmare. For, so much of our data, most accounts (including banks), digital wallets, photos, chats, emails and more is in this compact device. Losing the phone means, losing not just the device but also so much of this data.

However, in case you meet such misfortune there’s lot that needs to be done. One of this is also to ensure that no stranger gets hold of your WhatsApp account. As it has become one of the most important tools of communication for most of us. And now with WhatsApp Payments rolling out, it’s become all the more critical to make sure that your WhatsApp account does not get in the wrong hands.

Here’s an step-by-step guide that you need to follow in case your smartphone is lost or stolen to secure your WhatsApp account.

1. The first thing to do in this case is to lock your SIM card by calling your mobile service provider. Once you have done this, it will not be possible to for anyone to authenticate the account on that handset. This is because it is necessary to get an SMS or phone call to certify the account associated to your number. And since the SIM will be deactivated, the person who is in possession of your device will not be able to use it.

2. After getting your SIM locked, you can now activate your WhatsApp on a different handset. The fastest way to do this is to use a SIM card with the same number. Remember, WhatsApp can be activated only on one device at a time on a phone number.

3. Another option is to email the WhatsApp team. In case, you go for this option, include the sentence “Lost/stolen: Deactivate my account” in the body of the email, along with your phone number. Give these details with your country code. Also, remember to write your number exactly as you have it saved in your smartphone.

One more thing to note here is that WhatsApp can also be operated using Wi-Fi even if the SIM card is not present inside the handset so it is necessary to contact WhatsApp team and get your account deactivated. As it is also not possible to disable WhatsApp from any other device. WhatsApp is not able to find the location of the lost handset. Users have a 30-day window to reactivate this account. After a month, the account will be completely erased. In case your contacts send you messages during this period, they will remain pending, but will get erased after 30 days.

If you had backed up your chats using Google Drive, iCloud or any other cloud solution before your phone went missing, you might be able to restore your chat history.


It’s WhatsApp vs Paytm over digital payment in India, govt body says ‘follow guidelines’


It’s WhatsApp vs Paytm over digital payment in India, govt body says ‘follow guidelines’

New Delhi: The umbrella body for all digital payments in the country and the one which manages the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) protocol, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on Friday cleared the air on the issue of “lack of fair play” in allowing WhatsApp to test a payment feature in India.

NPCI said that the full-scale public launch of the feature will be permitted only after the Facebook-owned platform meets all the required norms.

“Currently, NPCI has given its consent to roll out WhatsApp BHIM UPI beta launch with limited user base of one million and low per transaction limit,” said the corporation which developed the Bharat Interface for Money BHIM-Unified Payments Interface (BHIM UPI) sais in a statement.

“Four banks will join the multi-bank BHIM UPI model in phases (in the coming weeks) and full feature product shall be released after the beta test is successful,” the statement added.

Popular digital wallet platform Paytm on Thursday accused WhatsApp of flouting norms laid out by the NPCI and demanded a level-playing field for all UPI-based apps.

According to Deepak Abbot, Senior Vice-President, Paytm, WhatsApp has custom-implemented the UPI system which is not secure.

“Our objection to WhatsApp’s UPI payments system is not about competition, but fair play. The company has custom-implemented UPI to affect the platform`s core principle of inter-operability,” Abbot said in a statement given to news agency IANS.

However, the NPCI statement on Friday noted that broad principles for inter-operability like the ability to send and receive money through any BHIM UPI ID, intent and collect call, and read and generate BHIM/Bharat QR code are required in final BHIM UPI app.

“BHIM UPI enabled app which fulfils such principles only will be permissible for full-scale public launch,” NPCI stressed.

“We follow well-defined guidelines for BHIM UPI services with the objective of making our platforms inter-operable and based on open standards, convenient and secure, offering multiple choices to consumers for rapid adoption for digital payments through banks and payment ecosystem players,” it said.

Responding to the NPCI statement, a Paytm spokesperson on Friday said that it addresses their concerns of inter-operability violation, “though we feel that a product with the stated violations could have been tried out amongst a much smaller base.”

“We are still concerned that this statement is silent on the critical issue of safety/security of a financial transaction through UPI, where consumers need to mandatorily sign-in with username and password. This violation is fundamental and very serious.,” Paytm said in the statement.

“WhatsApp must implement login and password like all other BHIM UPI apps. This statement is also silent on other issues such as the requirement to send SMS notifications for every UPI transaction. We hope that future rollout will be fully compliant with all the guidelines. We wait to hear NPCI views on some of these missing aspects,” it said.

Paytm earlier said that WhatsApp had refuted the UPI mandate by not allowing customers to pay using Bank Account + IFSC or Aadhaar number and not issuing UPI Qrs.

According to Abbot, there is no “Request Money” feature or additional security measure like “App password” in the WhatsApp digital payment gateway, which is currently in its beta version.

Triggering the debate, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma had tweeted: “After failing to win the war against India`s open Internet with cheap tricks of free basics, Facebook is again in play. Killing beautiful open UPI system with its custom close garden implementation. I am surprised, champions of open @India_Stack, let it happen!”

“Microsoft did this to open web standards. WhatsApp is doing this to UPI, openly in front of everyone,” Sharma added.

His remarks came after WhatsApp rolled out the testing phase of its digital payment feature in India — a first such move globally — which will be officially rolled out to over 200 million Indian users in the days to come.

WhatsApp’s vice-president Neeraj Arora has already stepped down from the board of Paytm, a position which he had held since 2015.

WhatsApp Will No Longer Work On These Phones!


WhatsApp has again planned to end support for devices that are no longer important according to them. Recently, the company announced in one of its blog post that it will end support for Blackberry, Microsoft Windows, and Nokia.

WhatsApp Will No Longer Work On These Phones!

It might be bad news for few WhatsApp users! As we have already seen, WhatsApp at the end of every year ends support for few number of devices. The previous year we have seen WhatsApp ending support for some outdated devices that are no longer used.

Now, it looks like the company is ending support for more devices. WhatsApp has again planned to end support for devices that are no longer important according to them. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and the instant messaging app is used by a majority of users worldwide.

Recently, the company announced in one of its blog post that it will end support for Blackberry, Microsoft Windows, and Nokia. So, if you are running Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8.0 or Older then you will no more use the app after December 31, 2017.

WhatsApp on its blog stated that “This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp. If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp”

To recall, the company had already extended the support for both platforms in June this year. The company had also announced a list of platforms that it ceased support for in February. These included Android 2.1 and 2.1, Windows Phone 7 and also few version of iOS.

Basic Website Requirements


What are the basic website requirements that need to be considered when it comes to designing and developing your website? Optimus 01 has an extensive list of what you should know.

Your website is used as a form of advertising and it allows your potential clients to learn more about your company and the available products you have to offer however, there are certain things that your website needs, to ensure that your potential clients are happy.

Designing and developing a website should be a fun experience. Not only do you have the opportunity to put your company’s name on the very large internet map, but you also have the opportunity to put your best foot forward to potential visitors.

Basic Website Requirements for An Effective Website

  • Content is the most important part of the webpage. No matter how flashy and aesthetically pleasing the website looks, without the content the website would be useless and of little value to the readers or visitors.
  • Navigation is crucial when it comes to website design. Without it your potential clients would not be able to find out about you and your company. The navigation should be easy to use and clearly visible. Some examples include visible links to home pages, “About Us” and “Back” buttons.
  • White space is crucial when designing your webpage. This will make it less cluttered, easier to read and manoeuvre around the website.
  • Website Speed. It is important that your website loads quickly. This is one of the most important requirements when it comes to designing and developing a website. To ensure that your website downloads within 15 seconds, it is advised that you avoid excessive use of images, animations, videos, flash designs and audio.
  • Branding. Your name and company logo needs to be included on every page so that the visitors know exactly where they are and what to expect.
  • Consistency. Your design, font, style, content and other aspects need to be consistent throughout the entire website. Remember that keeping it simple and consistent is one of the most important basic website requirements
  • User Friendly. This means that the website should be user-friendly, simple and reliable.
  • Mobile Friendly. It is important that you ensure that your webpages are responsive & can be read on a variety of different browsers and screen sizes as well as on mobile and tablet devices.

For more information visit our post about:

Basic Website Page Requirements

Below are the 4 most important pages that your website should have, based on years of web design and development experience, and brand psychology.

1. About Us – It is astounding, the number of companies that do not have an about us page on their website. This is one of the most important pages and for a company this is one of the best pages to reach out to your clients and tell them who and what you are about.

An About Us page should usually comprise of the following:

  • who we are and how long we have been in business
  • what we provide summarizing the products and services
  • why we are the company to deal with
  • when we can assist you and information about project time lines etc.
  • how to contact us and start doing business with us
  • Mention some clients that have utilized your product or service, hyperlinking to their website. Essentially this is the page where you toot your horn and get visitors interested. Remember to make sure that the About Us page is written according to your company’s image for example, corporate, or relaxed etc.

2. Contact Us – There is no point in spending money on a brilliant website, if you don’t make sure of 2 things in relation to your contact us page:

  • that your contact us page (link to it) is clearly and obviously visible on your home page
  • that your contact us page actually works
  • These 2 factors may seem quite logical but I have seen hundreds of companies whose contact us page simply doesn’t work. You take the time to find it (again note the visibility issue) and then you fill it in, press submit and you get an error notification. This is the quickest way to tell people that you are unprofessional, slack and very careless. This is also the fastest way that a visitor will decide not to use you.

3. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – This page is so often overlooked by website designers and developers as well as website owners alike. Yet it is probably one of the best sales tools you have on your website.

Here you can go on and on about how wonderful your product is, how brilliant it is with helping people, and how you are the best people to use for the supply thereof.

You can also assist people with understanding your product, learning about your company and above all else supplying them with information so that by the time they call you, they are already rather inclined to use your product or service as they know all about you.

4. Products – Many people take for granted the fact that their visitors know about their product or service before they enter their site. This is completely wrong!

Whilst visitors may have a general idea of what your product or service is they do not know the particulars about it in any way shape or form. So it is imperative to have a page called products (or services) and therein you provide an index page of your various products or services that you supply as well as a general short write up of each of your products.

This is a brilliant SEO tool as it assists your website with keyword density and it also gives people a quick overview of exactly what you supply and how you can serve them.