The ransomware is called Wanna Cry. Why? Because it actually makes you want to cry. Read on and you’ll know why.

It’s a virus that encrypts all the data on your computer until you pay $300 worth of bitcoin within a few days.

If you don’t, it doubles the price to $600.

If you choose to completely not pay, well… It permanently leaves the data encrypted and there is nothing you or anyone in the world can do about it.

The photos of your family on a trip to Balle Indonesia, that time you were with your buddies skydiving, your most precious moments and years of hard work… All gone.


The strength of that encryption is even beyond what NASA could decrypt. In other words, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to decrypt it unless you have the actual encryption key that they used against you.

And ooh, sorry about this Windows users but you KNOW I love taking jabs at Windows non-stop but this is a big one… This virus only works against Windows users as it exploits one of the bugs. BOOM. Another reason to jump on the Mac bandwagon <3.

Note: Microsoft has now found a patch to fix it so make sure you have the latest updates if you wanna be protected against this attack.

Another note: Yes, you can still be a developer on Windows and if money is a problem then STICK with the OS you have.

Another horrible thing these attackers did is they shut off MRI machines and refrigerators that were used in hospitals to keep blood cool.

But not all hope is lost! There are people out there that are actually fighting this virus and shutting it down. Programming for the win!


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