All-New Digital Experience with Arena’s New Flipbook

All-New Digital Experience with Arena’s New Flipbook

Arena Animation has been constantly evolving and adapting various innovative techniques that has positioned us as leader in the media & entertainment education. Continuing this trend, we are happy to reveal, a revolutionary aid to target and engage the prospects better in the digital medium. Introducing Arena Flipbook to engage with potential prospects

Arena Flipbook – A unique interactive tool to target prospects and give them an incredible experience. This tool would not only excite them but would also give them an experience to interact with the visual, videos, content and much more.

It’s time to Go Mobile!

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Key Features :

  • Flexibility : Responsive tool  can be viewed using any Platforms like desktop, Mobile, Tab etc.
  • Impactful : Special Content packaging for an overall interactive experience.
  • Larger Outreach : User-friendly and easy sharing.

You can experience the same using below URL:



Team Arena Animation, Geeta Bhawan


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