WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature is now officially available

WhatsApp’s most awaited and talked about feature — “delete for everyone” is now available to everyone starting today. Any iPhone, Android or Window phone users with the latest version of WhatsApp will get the feature, actually, must have already got it by now. Apart from the mobile users, even the WhatsApp for desktop users will also be getting this feature starting today, confirms WhatsApp via a blog post on Tuesday.

“Starting today you can now delete messages you sent by mistake – whether to one person or an entire group,” writes WhatsApp. What is important is, this feature will be available only for the users with the latest version of the app. So, if you have the new WhatsApp version already downloaded – you’ll automatically get the “delete for everyone” and in case you still haven’t got the feature, head on to Play store and update the app. I use WhatsApp version 2.17.395 and have got the feature this morning.

So how does this feature work? The most important thing to note is — the message (that you sent by mistake) should be deleted within 7 minutes after it’s sent. Coming to how the feature actually works. If you are an Android user — you should first send a message to any of your contacts. Then tap, hold and select the message. After selecting the message, you’ll see several options at the top of the screen — click on the delete bin icon. Earlier, on click that option, the selected message would automatically delete.

But now, with the new feature coming in, users will get three options by clicking the delete icon. The three options are – delete for me, cancel and delete for everyone. To delete the message from your as well as the receiver’s chat box — you need to select delete for everyone option. On the other hand, on clicking delete for me, the message will be deleted only for the sender. After deleting the message you and the receiver of the message will get this message — “this message was deleted”.

How does the feature work for the iOS users? iPhone user will send the message to a contact, select it, then click on the delete bin at the bottom left of the screen. On clicking the delete bin option, the iPhone user, like Android will get the same options — delete for me, cancel and delete for everyone. You’ll need to click on the delete for everyone option. The feature works in a similar manner for both windows phone and desktop user as well.

What is important to note is that – for the feature to work properly — both the message sender as well as the recipient must use the latest version of WhatsApp for the message to be successfully deleted.

Source : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/technology/story/whatsapp-delete-for-everyone-feature-now-officially-available-to-all/1/1079659.html


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