Basics Of Design And Color Principle Of Graphics Designing Course

Some of the most commonly acknowledged principles of design are alignment, balance, contrast, proximity, repetition, and white space. These are all elements of graphic design “composition.”  Additionally, compositions are evaluated based on the use of (and the successes or failures of) harmony, emphasis, gestalt, pattern, movement, rhythm, proportion, and unity. Texture and color are the two primary elements that are taught in the design and color principle of the graphics designing course.

The textures were not very popular a couple of years ago, but they tend to become more and more used. They replaced (or compete with, if we can call it a competition) the single-colored backgrounds. Textures can look similar to solid background colors, but if they are analyzed closer, small but effective differences can be noticed. Texture styles include paper, stone, concrete, brick, fabric and natural elements, among flat or smooth colors. Textures can also be subtle or pronounced and can be used sparingly or liberally. They work with pretty much everything.

Next come color. The color may even be the most important element of a design, because it offers the most powerful visual impact at a single glance. Color is obvious and does not need basic graphic skills to be noticed. Therefore color theory is very important to know, because not many designers can call themselves experts in this field. Being a master of colors might make the difference between a good design and a stunning one.

Graphic designing is an extremely creative art and it is essential that all the principles are equally practiced in the graphic designing course. One may opt for a graphic designing course in Kolkata and get the craft of graphic designing with ease and with professional. There are plenty of institutes in Kolkata that will be offering you a course in graphic designing.

Now, in addition to this, the building blocks of design are defined and illustrated in these lessons and exercises – including lines, shapes, and texture. Explore each element individually and as a part of the whole. This particular module is very important as you get to learn the two most vehemently important aspects of designing. The design and color principle is designed to teach you color symbolism and color coordination; and in designing you learn the elements of shapes, sizes and alignments.

Also, this is one field where there is 100% creative freedom to the designer. In addition to this, it is understandable that using the key features of color symbolism and textures with the most coherent manner. You can sign up for a graphic design course in Kolkata and get the skill mastered.


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