Rabbit School-Guardians of the Golden Egg termed a smash hit in Germany

Following its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, family animated feature Rabbit School – Guardians of the Golden Egg has had a very good run in cinema halls clocking totally 103,518 admissions in Germany and 16,575 admissions in Austria in its first week of release (March 16-22). The 3D/CG feature is produced by Dirk Beinhold and Akkord Film. Sola Media handles worldwide sales.


In these territories, the film came in as No. 4 in the weekly charts in spite of an extremely strong opening of Beauty and the Beast.

With a total of just over 120,000 admissions in German-speaking territory, a trade magazine dubbed the Easter-themed adventure as smash hit. Also, going by the extremely good run, German distributor Universum Film has increased the number of prints from 409 to 468 to meet demand.

The film is now set to open in France on April 5 through Gebeka Films. The film has been sold by Sola Media to over 30 territories so far in countries like Poland, CIS, UK, China and Korea included.

“We are extremely happy for the results in Germany and wish the rest of the world will enjoy the same success,” says Tania Pinto Da Cunha of Sola Media.

Directed by Ute von Münchow‐Pohl, Rabbit School centers on a young urban rabbit named Max who gets stuck in an old-fashioned Easter Rabbit school when it is surrounded by a clan of clever foxes who want to take over the holiday.

With the help of cute bunny Emmy and the instruction of the mysterious Madame Hermione, Max learns not only the secret magic of Easter bunnies, but also where he truly belongs.


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