Media for the masses: The promise unfolds

The KPMG India – FICCI media and entertainment (M&E) report was released at Frames 2017 convention that covers entire gamut of the M&E sector. Our report covers key insights around the year gone by and future outlook of various segments within the M&E sector in India. Continue reading “Media for the masses: The promise unfolds”

Better collaboration between designers, and between designers and developers

As design has taken a greater and more influential role in shaping businesses, more and more attention has been paid to designers’ collaboration with both their fellow designers, and their developer colleagues.

The emphasis on designer collaboration has arisen in part from the massiveness of the web and mobile apps we’re building these days. Gigantic platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn require not only huge design teams working on disparate aspects of the platform, but also better ways for designers to stay on the same page — and that means more collaboration, and better communication.

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Creating believable characters

Remember all the posts you see on animated characters that look like real-life characters? Well, they are not just for fun but also for learning. Character designers have the key role of replicating real-life characters for the screen. These characters could be humans, animals or objects. In each case having a reference helps in building … Read more